GIS and Cartography

Over the last decades there has been an upsurge in the use of computational analysis as a research tool. The adoption of computational analysis as a research tool has inevitably witnessed the identification of the increasing influence of GIS and Remote Sensing technologies in monitoring and interpreting the dynamics of different systems. These include natural systems, social systems, political systems, and business systems etc all which can be described as complex.

The unit is AISA’s research laboratory earmarked to promote good service delivery.  The unity utilizes software such as Arc GIS 10, Arc GIS Sever, Arcpad and Erdas Imagine 10. Its hardware components include: Advanced GPS, Hp T1100 Plotter), High speed processing machines, and iMAC A1207 for cartography and visualization.


  • Research Support: The sections provide spatial information & analysis of socio-economic issues. The GIS system supports forecasting, risk analysis and business intelligence on African countries and regions.
  • Database Development: The unit developed a fundamental geo-spatial database for Africa. The database is the backbone of AISA’s Geo-portal which was launched on 13 October 2010, as AISA commemorated its 50th Anniversary. The database has a wide range of themes on socio, economic, political issues on Africa.
  • Spatial Analysis, Statistical Analysis & Modeling: The unit undertakes independent spatial analysis, modeling and simulation utilising geospatial techniques.
  • Poster Design & Printing: Our team can design and print good quality posters


The unit prides itself with a state of the art Web based portal (AISA Geoportal) which is a Data Gateway to Africa, and a collection of historical maps about Africa estimated 5 000. This section is able to develop any kind of map e.g. tourist maps, history maps, and any other customised maps on request at a cost.

  • Geo-portal: www.ai-geoportal.org.za
  • Africa Fast Facts, Africa Focus.
  • Thematic Maps on Africa
  • Africa at a Glance
  • Africa A-Z Continental and Country Profiles
  • Historical Photo Collection 


  • GIS Web Design
  • The Value of Applied Geospatial in understanding Land Reform in the SADC region.
  • Interface between GIS & Agent Based Model in Modeling Inner City Migration.

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