Social Sciences

Peace and Security

Research in this Unit is designed to promote Africa’s Peace and Security Agenda, in view of the continent’s aspirations to create stable, peaceful and enabling environments for sustainable development. The research focus areas include: dynamics of fragile states, human security and ethnicity, nationality, citizenship and post-conflict reconstruction in Africa with initial focus on state sovereign.

Governance and democracy

This Unit seeks to promote and encourage the institutionalisation and entrenchment of democracy and governance fundamentals as a basis for integration. Its research focus areas include: 21st Century Global Governance that assess institutional arrangements such as AGOA, AUEU, BRICS, and FOCAC. Institutional arrangements are also assessed at a regional level by determining areas such as African infrastructural growth and industrialisation, SADC and SACU as productivity in Africa is also another research area covered in this Unit.

Knowledge Transfer and Skills Development

The objectives of this Unit are to coordinate capacity building and training programs for the institute. The research areas include investigations of African centred content and curriculum in education policies, comparative Studies of Institutions of South African Basic Education in other African Countries since 1994, entrepreneurial development as part of human capital development and challenges of promoting and implementing knowledge production in African universities.

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