Natural Sciences

Science and Technology

This Unit seeks to spearhead work towards the development and advancement of Africa’s science and technological platforms as a basis for the pursuit of its common aspiration for sustainable development. This is done through knowledge production on energy transition in Africa, monitoring of ecosystem transformation and its influence on African economies, urban food supply and distribution systems in Africa, energy and system dynamics in South Africa, and managing the unknown in a complex socio-ecological system in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Sustainable Development

In line with Africa’s commitment to promote people’s empowerment as a basis for its development, this Unit promotes grassroots driven, equitable and inclusive use and management of resources (both renewable and non-renewable) with a focus on the following: indigenous and minority rights, impacts of climate change on agricultural production in Africa, fishing, livestock and forestry activities in the Lake Chad Basin, Great Lakes and the Okavango Basin, sustainable livelihoods and water security.

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