Azerbaijan as a Regional Economic Driver

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Author: Sehlare Makgetlaneng
ISBN: 978-0-7983-0439-9
Size: 238mm x 157mm
Pages: 148
Availability: March 2016
Price: R315.00
Publisher: AISA

The political economy of Azerbaijan has been interlinked in the internal and external relations of the country. This is exit for energy policy. This explains the qualitative
socio-historical and political leap forward referring to the efforts of president Heydar Aliyev who signed the PSA with the transnational energy corporations in 1994.
According to this publication, the construction of multiple oil and gas pipelines represents the success of Azerbaijan’s independent energy policy. Azerbaijain as a
Regional Economic Driver: Opportunities and Challenges emphasises leading sectors of Azerbaijan economy such as transport, construction, agriculture, information and
communications technology, tourism and banking.

It is important that the book refers to ‘Azerbaijan 2020’ when he explains the country’s policy to transform itself from an energy-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. This publication serves to recognise Azerbaijan as a reliable partner in international relations. It also scrutinises advantages and disadvantages of trade-off between strategic choices oriented to the European Union or/and the Eurasian Union.

Table of Contents

The Political Economy of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s View of its Regional Economic Development Leadership Role

The Link between the Old and the New in the Caspian Energy Sector: Azerbaijan at the Centre

Azerbaijan in the Link between Main Global Energy Producers and Consumers

Azerbaijan as a Leader of the Main Infrastructural Projects

Challenges faced by Azerbaijan as a Regional Economic Driver

The Role of External Actors in the Production of Knowledge on South Caucasian and Central Asian

Conclusion and Recommendations

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