Africa A-Z

The popularity of the first edition of this book necessitated a second revised and updated version to record the many challenges in Africa since the first edition appeared in 1998. Africa is a vast and fascinating continent whose population is fast approaching the one billion mark. Africa also has more politically independent states than any other continent. Africa A–Z attempts to provide, in a concise manner, the facts for an elementary understanding of the continent and its complex problems.

Africa A-Z
Edited by Pieter Esterhuysen, 2008
Cartographer: Elize van AS
210mm x 297mm
379 Pages
ISBN: 9780798301992

The book falls into main sections; the five chapters on the first main section focus on the continent as a whole, dealing with its physical and human diversity, its eventful history and Africans’ struggle for economic survival. The second main section contains profiles of 57 independent and non-independent countries, ranging from Algeria to Zimbabwe. Presentation of the profiles is uniform, in that the same themes are covered in each profile. The data panels with the profiles contain data not provided in the text. The maps, appearing throughout the text were produced by AISA’s cartography department.

Price: ZAR250.00

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