Knowledge Creation and Dissemination

During the 2010/2011 period, the GIS unit identified potential partners such as the National Geospatial Agency under the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. This engagement yielded the sharing of information and the attainment of digital 1:50 000 scale maps. In partnership with publications and research division, LDS staged an exhibition at the Map Africa international conference, held from 23–25 November 2010 in Cape Town. Posters and maps were prepared and displayed at the conference. The GIS unit provided support to the Research Division in the form of data capturing, map making and analysis. Some of the support provided included analysis of global remittance data, drafting proposals for soliciting funds on Africa Energy, and a school inter-operability project.

Geo Portal launch: LDS successfully launched the AISA Geo-Portal on 13 October 2010. This was a remarkable event. After talks on the purpose behind the geo-portal, there were demonstrations on how to use and navigate the web. The interface shows 28 themes for all the African countries, including national demographic data (e.g. population data, literacy levels, life expectancy, etc.); regional economic data (e.g. gross domestic product, gross national income, etc.); and political data (e.g. Africa’s leaders, military strength, internal displacements, etc.). AISA’s Geo-Database and Geo-Portal are updated on an ongoing basis.

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