One of LDS’s strategic objectives is to expand the library’s holdings. LDS managed to add 251 books and 884 direct subscribed journals to its collection in 2010/2011. It also introduced two new journal titles namely, African.org and
Africa Report.

The library collection is not only built through purchases but also through exchanges. Exchanges occur through agreements with other Institutions where they provide LDS with various publications and LDS reciprocates. Some 530 exchange publications were received from exchange partners throughout the financial year. This included books and journals. LDS sent occasional papers and monographs (two publications per partner) to 67 exchange partners. Unfortunately some exchange agreements had to be cancelled due to Institutions experiencing financial difficulties and the closing down of offices due to the global recession. At this stage, LDS has active exchange agreements with 246 exchange partners. The exchange partners are distributed throughout the world but are mainly situated in

Southern Africa, the US and Europe. LDS also on occasion receives gifts from organisations with 85 publications having been received as gifts thus far. The gifts were received from organisations including the South African National Defence Force, the International Organisation for Migration (Geneva, Switzerland), the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

LDS holdings are also expanded through the building of an electronic database (Hummingbird-DM5) of current African information. A total of 1 958 newspaper articles and other Internet articles were profiled on DM5 and 672 records scanned to the database. Through this database AISA’s researchers and external clients can keep abreast of the latest information published in the print media. LDS has also subscribed to the Market IQ, EIU and Factiva databases, which provide current information. One of the biggest projects in LDS is the binding of journals

and newspapers every two years. Binding ensures that periodicals are preserved in the correct manner, minimizing the loss of individual journals/editions. This increases the life of the periodicals, ensures that volumes are complete and makes the volumes easier to use. With the last binding process, 459 periodical volumes and 31 newspaper volumes were bound.

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