Human Resource Management

The Human Resources Division attempts to review the progress being made on a broad spectrum of human resources initiatives and review all matters related to compensation but, ultimately, decisions are made by the Council. Where human resources issues are of strategic importance, the Council is assisted in the decision-making process through management’s contribution to the Human Resources and Finance (HRFin) subcommittee of Council, which also acts as an advisory to management. The Africa Institute of South Africa’s (AISA) overall success depends on the quality of work produced and the dedication of its employees. For AISA to achieve its objectives and remain relevant both on the continent and to its stakeholders, it is critical that it attracts and retains the best people for all facets of its work. To that end, significant strides have been made in introducing policies and practices that meet the needs of AISA and its employees, both now and in the future. These developments include the following: • Adopting values that emphasise AISA’s commitment to excellence; fostering a work environment that is supportive and that encourages creativity, innovation and team work.

  • Implementing a new grading system to establish, with greater accuracy, the relative worth of positions across the Institute, and recognise and reward the accomplishments of individual employees and the contributions they make to the work of the Institute.
  • Implementing and reviewing a number of policies and procedures that permit employees to manage their work and maintain personal life balance.
  • Increasing efforts to create conducive workplaces for employees.
  • Initiation of a process of regularly reviewing and identifying barriers to employees’ performance, commitment and engagement.

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