Finance, Administration and IT

The Finance Division comprises three sub-support units: Finance, Administration and Information Technology (IT). The Finance unit has a staff compliment of seven employees. The Administration unit also has seven employees and the Information Technology unit has two. The Finance Division supports all seven Divisions within AISA. Financial, procurement, payments, budget, administration and information technology support are just a few of the key support functions within the division. The organogram reflects the staff complement and its reporting structure as support to core business. The Finance, Administration and Information Technology Division operated as a supporting function to core AISA divisions in pursuance of achieving the Institute’s strategic objectives and goals set for the 2010/2011 financial year.

The year under review was earmarked for the implementation of policies in both the Finance and IT units. All units operated under firm management, and focus was mainly on further improving the internal control environment through reviewed and approved policies and procedures. This was managed to ensure that the units achieved their internal objectives in terms of the financial and organisational perspectives.

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