Technology Intervention as a means of meeting development needs for Africa with special reference to Remote Sensing and GIS and the launch of the AISA Geo-portal

Invitees from various government departments, academic Institutions and private sector witnessed and celebrated the launch of the AISA Geo-portal on 30 November 2010. Mr Shingirirai Mutanga (AISA Research Specialist), presented a paper focusing on the interface between various research tools such as AMB, remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He demonstrated the relevance of geospatial technologies in experimenting and understanding of land reform programmes. Mr Mutanga used Zimbabwe as a case study. The second presentation was based on An overview of Geo-portals in Africa and the potential of collaboration, which was co-presented by Ms Gina Weir Smith, Chief GIS Specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and Mr Sives Govender, Executive Director of EIS-Africa. They argued that Africa has either been misrepresented or under-represented through scanty and distorted information. This is partially due to a lack of reliable sources of data and records. As Africa begins to be recognized as a critical link in the global economy, especially within the context of a globalised world, reliable facts and data about Africa have become critical and must be properly collected and disseminated by African governments, civil society, business, academia and other partners.

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