Africa Young Graduates and Scholars Conference (AYGS)

The Africa Young Graduates and Scholars (AYGS) conference organised annually since its conception in 2005 aims to build a body of knowledge and project African voices in various disciplines and discourses about the continent and the diaspora.

The objective of the conference each year is to provide a platform for young and emerging scholars on the African continent through new insights in the debates pertaining to the challenges facing African societies and the way forward for the upliftment of African value systems and the ultimate integration of the African continent.

The conference aims to bring together African graduates and young scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds to reflect on Africa’s future and developmental breakthroughs, as well as its challenges and opportunities going forward.

It seeks, inter alia, to promote knowledge production amongst young scholars; provide a platform for emerging African scholars to engage and exchange insights in the debates pertaining to the challenges faced by African societies as well as to help bridge the gap of expertise in knowledge production about African affairs by developing a society of knowledge producers among African youth.


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