This five year strategy is focused on Africa’s medium term research needs, yet fully part of the long-term continental Agenda, as articulated in the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

The new sub-themes are:

Good governance in Africa

AISA would contribute to determining the role and effectiveness of good governance in Africa with special focus on service delivery, sustainable health care models and poverty reduction that impact on the life expectancy of

Africans. This theme would include:

a. Citizenship and human rights

b. The role of women and youth on the continent

c. Democracy, electoral issues

d. Resource governance

e. Environmental governance, climate change and the imperatives of green development.

f. Regional cooperation

Sustainable development

AISA research will feed into regional and continental processes (Sustainable Development Goals and AU 2063) and also monitor the effectiveness and impact of co-operation such as South-South linkages: IBSA, BRICS, G20 and the Indian Ocean Rim Association, as well as other

International bodies relevant to Africa, Of particular importance in this regard are:

a. Economic, social and technological potential and challenges of African countries and regions. Africa remains highly vulnerable within the global context and its use of resources is largely determined by outside role players.

b. The challenges of strengthening Africa’s control over its economic and social future, while remaining an attractive partner to the world, rather than a resource for other countries.

c. The development of strategies and policies to remain in control of Africa’s future and its social and economic prospects.

d. The trade and connectivity perspective, with opportunities and challenges of migration, cross border and trade, blue economy, and the strengthening of regional economic communities.

e. The need for food security, sustainable resource management in rural areas, and the potential and challenges of land reform.

 Human security

AISA would conduct comparative studies on:

a. peace and security programmes, approaches and policies across regions in Africa for the purpose of deriving lessons from those models:

b. The impact of migration as well as the manifestation of xenophobia.

c. The main aim should be to identify how lack of integration, competition and conflict affects socio-economic development on the continent. These challenges are highly relevant to African states that are affected by political instabilities in neighbouring states.

d. Migration, trans-border crime, insurgency and human trafficking.

Through the three themes AISA will contribute to following DST/HSRC research strategies:

a. Add value, and contribute towards coherent policy formulation and convergence through collective agenda-setting locally and regionally – lessons for the world from Africa – Africa’s “human face” (Biko)

b. Continental and regional STI governance, resource mobilisation and leadership;

c. Support networks, platforms and initiatives that promote collective RDI agenda;

d. Place SA firmly on the continent – focus on integration in terms of problem-solving – working on finding common solutions to common problems whilst emphasising context.

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